The Water Fountain Problem

By Tyler Mathiasen, Assistant Reporter

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It is 6th period, the classes are switching, and you are thirsty. You sprint to the nearest water fountain, hoping you won’t be late to class. Finally, you make it to the fountain, only to find the water is warm. This scenario happens daily in the halls of Xavier High School. Why does a person need to run to the water fountain to get a simple drink of water? Let me tell you.

First of all, you are not allowed to drink water in class. This leaves only lunch and before and after school to drink the cool and refreshing water you need to survive. This creates a dependency relationship between water fountain and student. Secondly, people are thirsty because the classes are spread out at Xavier and running may occur during the three minute period switches. This running and hurrying can easily make you thirsty. To top it all off, when you go to take a drink, the water comes out warm. When you expect cold delicious water, you are disappointed.

This water fountain problem is every student’s nightmare. When it comes true, you are left with nothing but warm water and an unquenchable thirst. Does anyone know how to fix water fountains?

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