Charity: A Xaverian Quality

By Dominick Delaney, Writer

Every year, the National Honor Society hosts a charity drive for Christmas. As announced by Ms. Vitale, the funds of this December’s drive were donated to St. Jude’s Research Hospital. The NHS has sponsored a charity drive for 35 years, of which 18 years have been spent under the guidance of NHS moderator, Ms. Vitale, and of which the 17 years prior to that were overseen by the Brothers, and, since 2014, the proceeds have gone to St Jude’s Research Hospital. Given that every chapter of NHS must support a schoolwide charity event, the Christmas season is the perfect time to give. In keeping with this, NHS president Emad Cheema’s efforts to obtain 3000 dollars that began during the fall honors induction ceremony were marked with great leadership and excitement. Our support for St. Jude’s has even reached the attention of Marlo Thomas, a famous American actress and spokesperson for St. Jude’s, who contacted Ms. Vitale in appreciation of the efforts. The last day to donate was Tuesday, December 17, and thanks should be awarded to the NHS elves in the cafeteria during lunch waves and those who stood in the front foyer before school started. The NHS members worked cheerfully and diligently to encourage the community to give.

Nonetheless, why should we stop the charitable goodwill just because Christmas has ended? Our very own Robotics Club is now helping to gather supplies for A Place Called Hope, a rehabilitation and education center for birds of prey. This center is the home to Ash, a peregrine falcon, who visits during Open House as our unofficial mascot. Free your inner Santa once again and donate supplies by the main entrances. If we collect 200 items by February 5th, we will earn a Xavier apparel day, which will no doubt encourage people to make further donations in the future.