Where are Seniors Going to College?

By Will Foster and Erik Boyce

April 24, 2018

News correspondent Will Foster surveys outgoing seniors about college choices.

Community Members Discuss the Upcoming Guatemala Service Trip

By Xavier Jones and Ryan Ranney

April 4, 2018

News correspondent Xavier Jones interviews past and future Guatemala volunteers about their experiences during and/or anticipations for the Guatemala service trip.

Onion X: Construct Tape

By Bryce Hammen, Jose Arias, and Richard Darin

January 29, 2018

We are here to discuss with you our brand new product! Construct Tape! For only $19.99 this could be yours!

Onion X: Cloven Clones Commercial

By Patrick LaJoie, Jason Addi, and Jose Garcia

January 29, 2018

Have you ever felt like you're unable to complete all your daily tasks?

What Makes a Xavier Man

By Jose Arias, Patrick Lajoie, and Jason Addi

December 5, 2017

Xavier students explain what makes them a Xavier man.

How to Thrive at Xavier

By Matt Carbone, Adam Denvir, and Chris Bartolomei

December 5, 2017

XNN correspondents ask faculty and students what it takes to thrive at Xavier.

The Community Describes Xavier in One Word

By Bryce Hammen and Ricky Darin

December 5, 2017

Xavier News Network correspondents ask campus members to describe Xavier in a single word.

XNN Interviews New Religion Teacher Mr. Guinan

By John Kee Vose

November 14, 2017

XNN correspondent John Kee Vose interviews Xavier's new Religion teacher Mr. Guinan about his experiences at Xavier.

XNN Interviews New Science Teacher Ms. Keefe

By John Kee Vose

November 14, 2017

XNN correspondent John Kee Vose interviews Ms. Keefe about hear early impressions and experiences at Xavier.

Battle of the phones: iPhone 8 and X Review

By Andrei Foristall

November 14, 2017

XNN special correspondent Andrei Foristall compares the iPhone 8 and X.

Interview with Dave Eustis

By Andrei Foristall, Julen Lujambio, and Jon Kee Vose, XNN Correspondents

October 31, 2017

XNN correspondents Andrei Foristall, Julen Lujambio, and Jon Kee Vose recently interviewed Xavier High School's new headmaster Mr. David Eustis Jr to see how his first weeks have been.

The History of Columbus Day

By Jason Addi, Jose Miguel Lorenzo Garcia, and Patrick Lajoie

October 31, 2017

XNN correspondents research the history of Columbus day and survey faculty and students about their Columbus day experiences.

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