Purdue Pharma and the Opioid Epidemic

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
By Andrei Abarientos, Assistant Reporter January 7, 2021

  The opioid Oxycontin, when described with the words of Purdue Pharma officials, sounds at first like a miracle drug. “... our studies suggest that OxyContin is an ideal choice in progressive...

Watching Falcon’s Watch

Watching Falcon's Watch
By Dominick Delaney, Editor December 10, 2020

This past Wednesday, December 7th, 2020, the Xavier community was introduced to the latest initiative from the administration: SWAG. As the participants know, the Student Wellness Advisory Group program,...

The Real Reason Xavier High School Closed

The Real Reason Xavier High School Closed
By Aidan Pesce, Assistant Reporter December 10, 2020

Despite what everyone thinks, the global pandemic was not the real reason the school shut down. For all of you returning Xavier students, there was a certain incident last year that occurred during the...

No Midterms? Not exactly…

No Midterms? Not exactly...
By Liam Sheeley, Assistant Reporter November 25, 2020
There have been many rumors and much speculation about whether the current national situation regarding COVID-19 would prevent midterms from taking place. Now, students finally have their answer.

The Safety of the School: What Does the School Think?

The Safety of the School: What Does the School Think?
By Justin Caulfield, Senior Reporter November 14, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic is still a very real issue in Xavier High School, the state of Connecticut, and the United States. With a large number of students from Xavier taking online classes, either out...

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Kaufman

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Kaufman
By Robert Mullins, Assistant Editor November 5, 2020

Ms. Kaufman is the language department's newest French teacher. Since she is the third consecutive French teacher since my freshman year at Xavier, the language department now has a higher turnover rate...

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Stanavage

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Stanavage
By Griffin Prushinski, Assistant Reporter October 29, 2020

With the recent retirement of our long-time art teacher, Ms. Vitale, the Xavier community is excited to welcome Ms. Stanavage as our talented, new art teacher! The second you walk into her room you get...

Amy Coney Barrett: What Does the School Think?

Amy Coney Barrett: What Does the School Think?
By Justin Caulfield, Senior Reporter October 22, 2020

Amy Coney Barrett, a federal judge, is President Donald Trump's nominee to be the next Supreme Court Justice, taking the place of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The school has a multitude of opinions and...

Xbox Acquisition Shakes Up Competition With PS5

Xbox Acquisition Shakes Up Competition With PS5
By Spencer Thompson, Assistant Reporter October 21, 2020

On September 21st Microsoft announced its purchase of Zenimax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, for 7.5 billion dollars. This was the second-largest deal in the video game industry, after...

Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Peterson

Teacher Spotlight - Ms. Peterson
By Nucci Delaney, Senior Reporter October 14, 2020

With Xavier back in session this 2020 academic year, a number of retirements left the faculty with some holes to fill. Of the retirements, Mr. Magner's hit especially close to home, as he had just instructed...

Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Griffen

Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Griffen
By Andrei Abarientos, Assistant Reporter October 8, 2020

Dr. Griffen, one of our new additions to the science department, is a talented and intelligent teacher of Accelerated Biology and Accelerated Algebra I. She also moderates the Envirothon club. Here is...

An Editorial to the Totoket Times

State Representative Vincent Candelora's editorial in the Totoket Times, 5/1/20
By Robert Mullins, Reporter May 5, 2020

Every edition of my town's local newspaper, the Totoket Times runs an editorial written by my state representative, Vincent Candelora. Usually it is a brief update of the humdrum happenings in Hartford,...

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