Why Modern Conservatism Is Incompatible With Christianity

President Donald Trump holding the Holy Bible backwards and upside-down in front of a church he does not go to.
By Wyatt McElroy, Assistant Reporter December 27, 2020

Part 1: Introduction In today’s political landscape, ‘Christian values’ can be used synonymously with ‘conservative values.’ I am here to tell you why these two terms are antonyms, complete...

The Safety of the School: What Does the School Think?

The Safety of the School: What Does the School Think?
By Justin Caulfield, Senior Reporter November 14, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic is still a very real issue in Xavier High School, the state of Connecticut, and the United States. With a large number of students from Xavier taking online classes, either out...

Amy Coney Barrett: What Does the School Think?

Amy Coney Barrett: What Does the School Think?
By Justin Caulfield, Senior Reporter October 22, 2020

Amy Coney Barrett, a federal judge, is President Donald Trump's nominee to be the next Supreme Court Justice, taking the place of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The school has a multitude of opinions and...

What I Wish I Knew as a Xavier Sophomore

Some cool chairs
By Aidan Higgins, Editor August 10, 2020

1. Slow and steady wins the race When setting goals, one would be well-advised to dial back his or her initial schedule/deadlines by 50% or more. It's much wiser to set humble goals that can be incremented...

An Editorial to the Totoket Times

State Representative Vincent Candelora's editorial in the Totoket Times, 5/1/20
By Robert Mullins, Reporter May 5, 2020

Every edition of my town's local newspaper, the Totoket Times runs an editorial written by my state representative, Vincent Candelora. Usually it is a brief update of the humdrum happenings in Hartford,...

Four Years Gone

By Alexander Pralea, Editor-in-chief April 30, 2020

In May, within three short weeks, my senior year will finally be over. No more AP exams (hallelujah), no more biology reading guide questions, no more Edgar Allen Poe stories (I don't mean to offend my...

Future Diary: Not a Very Good Show

Future Diary: Not a Very Good Show
By Aidan Higgins, Editor April 26, 2020

Once in a blue moon, the cruel, heartless television gods who reign down from the heavens above find themselves overcome with compassion and bless their earthly subjects with a television show that is...

Liminality: Confessions of a Senior

By Alexander Pralea, Editor-in-chief March 19, 2020

As a senior, I am invariably asked a whole host of questions that I'd rather not answer: where are you going to college (maybe I should have applied ED?), what are you planning on studying (I don't think...

A Prayer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

A Prayer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?
By Alexander Pralea, Editor-in-chief February 28, 2020

The medical evidence is clear: experiments have illustrated a causal relationship between a diet heavy in vegetables and fruits and defense against diabetes, heart disease (the biggest killer in America),...

Does Rush Limbaugh Deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh gives a thumbs-up after being presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom by First Lady Melania Trump
By Robert Mullins, Reporter February 13, 2020

Among the many notable guests that the president hosted at the last State of the Union address, one stands out above all others. That man is Rush Limbaugh, a conservative commentator whose recent lung...

Tesla Cybertruck – Tesla’s Latest Money Grab?

Tesla Cybertruck - Tesla's Latest Money Grab?
By Aidan Pesce, Assistant Reporter January 25, 2020

Many people are familiar with Tesla. Founded by the famous billionaire Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal and SpaceX, Tesla is well-known for its production of electric vehicles. Musk, who some describe...

Why Banning Pornography Is Not The Right Solution

Why Banning Pornography Is Not The Right Solution
By Aidan Higgins, Editor January 19, 2020

On December 6, 2019, Representatives Jim Banks, Mark Meadows, Vicky Hartzler, and Brian Babin submitted a letter to Attorney General William Barr, beseeching him to follow through with the Trump campaign's...

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