She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

By Jason Barber

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Marvel Studios 9th Disney + series, starring Tatiana Maslany, first started streaming on August 18th and aired its last episode on October 13th. The 9 episodes were released one at a time every Thursday.  All episodes are now available to watch on Disney +.

Spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law ahead.

Since the first trailer was released for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the show was criticized for its poor CGI. This over-whelming hate had already driven people to not want to watch the show. On top of that, the show was female led. Many toxic fans tend to hate on all female Marvel shows, for example: WandaVision, Marvel Studio’s first show, which starred Elizabeth Olsen, had received massive amount of hate ever since the show was announced. This is also true for: the 2019 Captain Marvel movie, 2021 Black Widow movie, 2021 Hawkeye series, and 2022 Ms. Marvel series.

She Hulk, or Jenifer Walters, first appeared in comics in 1990, with the series “The Savage She-Hulk #1.” This comic series was created by Stan Lee and artist John Buscema. Jenifer Walters is a lawyer who, after an injury, received an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner (The Hulk), and acquired his Hulk powers for herself. Unlike her cousin, she can control herself in Hulk form. Unlike the Hulk though, Walters has the ability to break the fourth wall. In fact, she is the first Marvel character to ever do so. This power is largely tied together with the character Deadpool.

In episode one, titled: “A Normal Amount of Rage,” we see Walter’s world turned upside down when she is driving with her cousin Bruce, a battleship from Sakaar, (which is where Thor: Ragnarok takes place) attacks the car and the car ends up driving off the road. As both characters crawl out of the car, some of Bruce’s blood ends up into Jennifer’s blood system. In turn, Jenifer turns into She-Hulk. After the Hulk tracks down She-Hulk, Jenifer wakes up in the Hulk’s beach side house in Mexico. Then, Bruce teaches Jenifer ‘how to Hulk’. After Jenifer shows that she can control when she turns into She-Hulk, Jenifer leaves Mexico to go back to her job as a lawyer. At the end of the episode, Titania, a super-powers influencer, attacks the court room, and Jenifer turns into She-Hulk to stop her.

In episode two, titled “Superhuman Law”, Jenifer had to deal with everyone knowing her identity. Amid her spiral, GLK&H, a law firm with a super-human law division, employs She-Hulk, but not Jenifer. Jenifer is caught between an exciting new job, but as someone she’s not, and staying at her old, low paying job. She later accepts the offer and is assigned to a complicated client: Abomination. He is a character who was the Hulks enemy is the 2008 movie, The Incredible Hulk.

In episode three, titled “The People vs Emil Blonsky”, Jenifer tries to get Emil Blonsky (Abomination) out of prison. Though in the events of Shang-Chi, which was a Marvel movie released in 2021, the abomination is seen fighting in an underground fight club. Emil explains that Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme from the Doctor Strange movies, had let him out of his cell on occasion to fight. While Jenifer tries to plead Emil’s case, Dennis Bukowski, a lawyer at GLK&H, approaches the company with his ex-girlfriend, who turns out to be a shape shifting elf from New Asgard. The case goes to trial, and it is revealed that the elf had impersonated many different identities, including Megan Thee Stallion. The elf ends up going to prison, and Megan Thee Stallion makes a cameo in the audience of the case.

In episode four, titled “Is This Not Real Magic?”, Donny Blaze, a magician works as an entertainer at the Mystic Castle. He ends up sending an audience member named Madisynn to another dimension during one of his shows.  Madisynn ends up stumbling into another portal and arriving in Wong’s home. Wong then files a case against Donny Blaze, for unauthorized, and unsafe use of magic. Walters takes the case and ends up succeeding. Meanwhile, Walters creates a profile on a dating app. While on a date, Blaze accidentally unleashes a swarm of demons at one of his shows. Wong and Walters take down the demons. The next day, Walters learns that Titania (from episode one) is filing a lawsuit claiming that Walters’ use of the name “She-Hulk” is trademark infringement.

In episode five, titled “Mean, Green, and Straight Poured into These Jeans,” Walters discovers that Titania is suing her for the rights to her own name. It turns out Titania had trademarked “She-Hulk” for a new line of beauty products. Jenifer then realizes that the dating app she had set up established a past record of her identifying as She-Hulk before Titania ever tried to gain the trademark. Jenifer wins the case, but not before being humiliated in court with her bio, which reads: “Mean, Green, and Straight Poured into These Jeans.” Meanwhile, Jenifer’s best friend, Nikki, helps to get Jenifer a super-suit.

In episode six, titled “Just Jen,” Jenifer is invited to be a bridesmaid at one of her childhood’s best friend’s weddings. Jenifer shows up to the wedding as She-Hulk, because everyone seemed to like her better as She-Hulk, and not a lawyer. As soon as she steps out of the car, she gets instantly yelled at for trying to “upstage” the friend’s wedding. Jen then takes this moment to get black out drunk. Surprisingly, Titania makes an appearance at the wedding, Jen tries to tell the bride that she’s just there to taunt Jen, but the friend, who has no connection to Titania, doesn’t believe her. Titania and She-Hulk end up fighting, Titania gets her punches in, but when Jen finally turns into She-Hulk, she defeats Titania. While there, Jen finds a man from the groom’s side, named Josh, that expressed interest in JEN, not She-Hulk.

In episode seven, titled “The Retreat”, Jenifer goes on dates with Josh and the two seem to hit it off. Jen then visits Emil Blonsky’s wellness retreat, which was a retreat he made for other superpowered humans to “get in touch with their inner selves.” While she is there, Jen meets other superhumans. While she’s at the retreat, there is no Wi-Fi, and Jen starts to worry about Josh. If I were to rank this episode, it would be either last, or close to last. I say this because there are no real events in this episode that add much to the story.

In episode eight, titled “Ribbit and Rip It,” She-Hulk represents Leap-Frog, a Z-lister superhero, who was injured due to a malfunction in his custom-made super suit. While She-Hulk takes the case, she learns that the designer of the suit was the person who designed HER clothes and super suits. Jen doesn’t want to take the case, but is forced to by GLK&H. While the trial is about to start, everyone’s favorite New York Lawyer walks into the court room. Matt Murdock, AKA Daredevil. Matt wins the case when it is revealed Leap-Frog used jet fuel in the rockets, which the designer explicitly said not to. When the designer is about to walk out, he informs She-Hulk that he will no longer be doing business with her. Jenifer, clearly upset, goes to a local bar. It is there where Matt meets up with Jenifer again. They exchange dialogue, and then part ways. When Jenifer gets home, she receives a call from Leap-Frog, he is getting attacked while driving his car to his ‘super popular lair’ – the Lily Pad. She-Hulk gets to the car garage where Daredevil is attacking Leap-Frog. She-Hulk and Daredevil fight. She-Hulk prevails and unmasks Daredevil to be Matt Murdock. It turns out that Jennifer’s client, Leap-Frog, has kidnapped the designer and is holding him hostage. The two make a plan to break the designer out.  Once the designer is freed and is now making suits for She-Hulk again, Matt and Jenifer have an intimate moment. You’d think the episode would end here, right? Well, it doesn’t. She-Hulk is being honored at a Lawyers event. When she gets on the stage, the screen gets hacked by an online organization with the intent to kill She-Hulk. It turns out that Josh, the man who Jenifer went on dates with, is apart of the organization, and stole Jennifer’s phone data. While the information is being scattered on the screen for all to see, She-Hulk becomes enraged, and starts ripping all the screens down. This act startles the civilians, and the police starts demanding She-Hulk stand down. She-Hulk had done exactly what the online group wanted her to do. She showed herself as an uncontrollable rage monster.

In episode nine, the finale, titled “Whose Show is This?”, the show starts with an 80’s Incredible Hulk tv show recap. It is revealed that Jenifer has been put into a containment cell after her outburst. Jenifer gets released from prison with terms that she will use a device that won’t allow her to use her powers again. She gets fired from her job at GLK&H, and moves out of her house, and is forced to move into her parents’ house. Jenifer and Nikki start trying to find who is behind the website which leaked all of Jenifer’s information. Nikki finds out about a meeting with the people from the website. Nikki gets Pug, a friend at GLK&H, to break into the meeting and try to get as much information out of them as they can. While at the meeting, Pug finds out that Todd Phelps, someone who went on a date with She-Hulk, is the leader of the website. Here is where this episode goes off the rails in the best possible way. Todd gets everyone to sit down and announces a special surprise guest. That guest is The Abomination. Abomination finds out that this meeting is not about the self help book he wrote. Jenifer, unaware of this meeting, walks into the room where it is happening. The crowd instantly starts booing and tries to attack Jenifer. Abomination picks her up to safety. Here, Todd reveals a vial of Jenifer’s blood which her date stole from her. Todd injects the blood into his arm and becomes a hulk himself. Jenifer remarks “this can’t possibly be where this season is going.” Todd becomes a hulk and Titania, from earlier episodes, bursts through the wall. Fighting ensues. And then… The Hulk bursts in from the roof. Then a rematch from the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie takes place. Jenifer remarks “what is even happening here,” “this is a mess, none of these story lines make any sense? Is this working for you?” Then, possibly one of the coolest things in Marvel history happens. She-Hulk, (remember with the power to break the 4th wall), breaks out of the Disney + app. She jumps from her show into “Marvel Studio’s Assembled” which is the behind-the-scenes footage of Marvel movies/tv shows. This means that she is essentially in OUR UNIVERSE. She goes to Marvel Studios campus and breaks into the writers’ room of HER SHOW. She explains why the ending of her show… sucks. They say “this is what Kevin wants.” If you don’t know, Kevin Feige is the president of Marvel Studios. She-Hulk then breaks through Marvel Studios HQ and makes her way to Kevin. Kevin ends up being a robot, who makes all the decisions at Marvel Studios. He explains that his name, K.E.V.I.N. is an acronym, standing for Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus. He remarks “I will answer your questions, but you must transform back to Jenifer.” When Jenifer asks why, he remarks “You are very expensive, but wait until the camera is off you, the visual effects team has moved on to another project” then the Black Panther theme plays, which is just one in, more than a thousand easter eggs which is in this scene. Jenifer then reminds K.E.V.I.N. that her show is a legal comedy, and wants to make her closing argument. She then describes to K.E.V.I.N. why she proposes a different, more interesting story line. She then jumps back into her TV show, and it is revealed that Hulk had a son on Sakkar, named Skaar. The episode ends with She-Hulk getting her job back at GLK&H and the episode ends there.

The show started off strong with its first episode, and wavered a bit from episode to episode, but the finale brings the show to an epic closing. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, but I do not believe that it is the best Disney + Marvel show, I still believe that title belongs to WandaVision, but overall, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, is an extremely good Marvel TV show.