Interviews with Xavier’s Winter Sports Captains

By Liam Iorio

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So what can we expect in for winter sports this year?  After sitting down with all the captains of the various sports teams it appears we have an exciting season ahead of us.  A positive outlook was commonplace as well a strong drive to excel.

Indoor Track:

Captain Jack O’Hara was clear to point out that this year the team is reinforced by many strong individuals.  Dan Hergott, Ethan Rodrigues, and Derick Ward are all giving Xavier the advantage.  He went on to explain that the team also had a talented squad of younger kids.  The big rival this year is Amity, which has had a competitive rivalry with Xavier for the last two years.  Two years ago Amity was beaten by indoor track by one point.  However last year Xavier felt the same sting, losing to them by one point.  Anything can happen this year.


After talking to Captain Julien Pereira I could tell that our rifle team was in a good position this year.  Their goal this year which should be easily attained is to be one of the top two teams in the state.  With talented returning member Chris Longo and newcomer Mike Ackempora their goal can be easily achieved.  The rival this year is Suffield.


With a lot of hard work captains Tom Fredericks and Steve Burgos firmly believe that they can make it t0 the state opens.  Even further they could earn the LL title.  With a new coach Mohammad, and many new freshmen the team has a solid base in the future.  However the senior class took a loss this year losing four members of the class.  Chidi Broderick, Pat Moynihan, and Jake Holland are all capable members.


Captain John Haberski stated that this year they are going to perform better than expected.  Although the team lost some key players due to transfers, Xavier basketball remains determined.  Haberski stated that this year they want “to prove people wrong”.   A notable returning athlete is Kalub Glutton.

The winter season for Xavier athletics looks promising this year.  Already our teams have started to win.  Good luck!