Winter, New Years, Hockey, and… Flowers?

Falcon Talk Episode 3-7

By Christopher LoBianco

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There are many different New Year’s resolutions that people make: to give up a habit, to save a bit more money, maybe to even lose a bit of weight. But as quickly as those resolutions are made are those resolutions dropped, ignored, or forgotten. It’s an unwinnable fight, but if you’re looking for a resolution that you can actually keep, how about resolving to give every Falcon Talk Podcast a listen? Stop procrastinating or making excuses. Drop the bran muffins. Don’t lie to yourself: they taste awful. Just go, and give Falcon Talk Episode 3-7 a try. Part self-improvement, part inspiration, and one hundred percent all about that bass…

The first podcast of the New Year, this episode features the quintessential mix of news, sports, and entertainment that has come to be the defining trait of a Falcon Talk production. Starting off with the classic “drop the bass” by Xavier’s own Michael Scherer, this episode moves slowly but steadily through the latest happenings both on and off campus. From a first hand account of the band’s recent exposition at the XHS Night with the Wolf Pack in Hartford to a shoutout to the Student’s For Life to a recap of the KESTREL’s proposition on varsity letters for activities, the Falcon Talk team covers events with their usual enthusiastic professionalism. At the center of the sports report this week is the recent basketball game versus Notre Dame of West Haven and the continuing success of the Xavier Hockey Team. Though detailed and informative as usual, this episode’s sports report lacks the outstanding athletic interview that Falcon Talk has become so well known for. Instead, the last quarter of the episode is dedicated to an interview with Xavier’s most, shall we say, dramatic teacher: Charles Flowers. Capping off Falcon Talk Episode 3-7, this interview is a true doozy. Whether its fact, fiction, or a mad man’s manifesto, the story and life lessons of one Charles Flowers are a fitting end to an episode that is, as always, truly exemplary. So, fire up that newfangled computer. Turn off the hip-bop. And give Falcon Talk Episode 3-7 a try. You will not be disappointed you did.