All-American JV vs. Cool Runnings Intramural Basketball Tournament Updates LIVE!


By Joshua Rigsby, Andrew Cammisa, and Evan Rigsby


The game just unfolded!

The atmosphere of the gym was that of roaring band music and the two teams warming up.

After that jaw dropping round of musical chairs, the teams hit the court once more before they play their game.

The warning buzzer rung and DJ Size announced the game would begin! The clock was set for 15:00 minutes and the teams took the court.

The ball was thrown up by senior and referee Tyler Williams and the Cool Runnings gained initial possession of the ball.

The first basket of the game was scored by Parker Rowley after two free throws. Overall a low scoring first 5 minutes.

The score was tied up however by Cam DeChalus on the All-American JV team, however, it was quickly taken back by McCarthy with a layup.

From way outside, the All-American JV took the score back with a deep 3 pointer from Luke Bourne.

Schoonmaker again took the score back with a layup leaving the score 6-5.

Rowley further secured the lead by making the second of two free throws.

Again, the All American JV took the lead, 8-7, with a 3 point shot by Mondo and another from Tyler Beaulieu.

While the Cool Runnings scored, they were still at a deficit with the score at 9-11

The All-American JV remained consistent and scored another 3 pointer by Mr. Brinn.

Levis started to make ground at saving the score and made a layup. the score for the exciting first half is now 11-14 in favor of the All American JV.

As the Cool Runnings quickly scored at the beginning of the second half, the score was still 13-14 in the All-American JV’s favor.

All-American JV returned with a deep three and one free through that brought the score to 13-18.

Mr. Brinn of the All American JV followed up with another three taking the score to a more favorable 13-21 in their favor.

Schoonmaker was able to score a free throw which brought the score to an ever so slightly closer 14-21 but with only six and a half minutes on the clock, could the Cool Runnings make the comeback?

Adding to their potential comeback, Schoonmaker scores with a dunk and just over five minutes on the clock. The score became a closer 16-21 in the All-American JV’s favor.

Schoonmaker seemed to take the team on his back scoring again as he brought the score to 18-21.

After two free throws Rowley gained two points to bring the score to 19-21.

The All American JV returned with another two baskets and another 5 points which made it harder for the comeback for the cool runnings, the score then stood 20-26 in All-American JV’s favor.

Cameron made another two free throws making the comeback seemingly impossible with only one minute on the clock.

Schoonmaker closed the gap with a three but the All American JV still leads 29-23.

With just over 30 seconds on the clock and with a foul called on Cool Runnings, it seemed like the game was going in favor of the All-American JV.

Impressively,  Cool Runnings scored another three which brought the score within potentially one basket.

The exciting game was finally over and the All-American JV were able to retain their momentum and took the win.