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The Crucible: When, Where, and Why

By Kevin Galasso, Senior Reporter

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The Crucible is in a long list of productions in the Xavier/Mercy drama club. The club that started four years ago and has become a massive club doing both a winter play and a spring musical. The drama club has done a range of shows from Grease to Jesus Christ Superstar which will take place later this spring. Each show has been a success and The Crucible plans to join the rest of the schools’ productions.

The show, written by Arthur Miller, is a highly-dramatized version of the 1692/1693 Salem Witch Trials. It has been praised for its darker tones and in 1996 they made a feature film version.

I recently had the opportunity to visit a Crucible practice and interview some students. I first talked to Freshman Will Lallier about his experience in theater. I asked him about if he enjoyed the theater experience. He answered with “Yes I love being part of the group, I feel like I have been doing this my entire life”

Next, I talked to Sophomore Lucas Cacace about why he wanted to be in The Crucible. He responded with “I just enjoy being in theater and any chance I get I’ll go for it”.

I then spoke with Junior Brian Farrell about recommending the drama club to all students. He replied with “I would absolutely recommend being in theater by any way possible either it be stage crew or acting It is a great experience.”

Finally, I sat down with the Director, Ms. Lora Webb, to ask her some questions about the production. I first asked her what made here choose The Crucible as the winter play? She answered with “I chose the Crucible because I wanted to work on a piece that had some depth. The Crucible has darker tones and it is taught within the high school curriculum and I wanted to work on this play with students who may have already been introduced to it.”

The second question I asked her was did she believe that the actors are up for the challenge to perform this play? She responded with “These actors are absolutely up for the challenge, these actors are intuitive and creative people who have been working hard with character development and expressing themselves on stage”

The final question I asked her was what aspect of The Crucible makes it stand out? She answered with “I believe that the audience will enjoy the Crucible and feel the intensity of those brought to trial for witchcraft. This time came with a lot of drama and it makes The Crucible stand out.”

The Crucible will be having their performances on Thursday, December 8th, and Friday December 9th. The show will be at Mercy and will start at 7:00. Student tickets are 3 dollars and adult tickets are 10 dollars. Hope to see you there.


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The Crucible: When, Where, and Why