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Will James Bond Return Better Than Ever?

By Matt Zablocki, Assistant Reporter

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Over a year ago, in late 2015, the latest movie of the iconic James Bond 007 franchise came out: SPECTRE. However, this movie, only the tip of an iceberg of a very cool series, which has far too many unique, awesome thrillers to give a few that will do justice to the many. Each film brings us on an unbelievable adventure following the iconic MI6 agent who pursues the enemy, most often in the form of powerful criminal organizations headed by masterminds who plan to gain power, in a hunt involving blazing gunfights, car chases with high tech weaponry installed, and missions with high tech gadgets and sudden fights. No matter where 007 goes, gunfire, explosions, and some of the most awesome fights you’ll ever see ensue, and yet each movie has some imminent threat that makes the fights an addition to the movie, not the movie itself. It’s truly an amazing film experience.

This, though, presents us with a question. Will James Bond return? Certainly, from the conclusive, war-that-ends-all-wars ending of SPECTRE, nobody would assume so, as it seems more like he left to settle down into a more peaceful, conventional life that, although plain, would definitely not be in any way boring. If this, that over 50 years of brilliant action-thrillers were to end, were the case, though, the producers would not have undertaken the obvious action they have: the search for our next James Bond. News reports have already been commenting on the issue and happenings relating to the continuation of the movie franchise, which has considered actor Tom Hardy, among others, for the position. So, undoubtedly, there will be another Bond movie, it’s just that nobody has been able to get any details as to the name, plot, or pieces of the coming film. Well, at least we don’t have to worry about the end of the (James Bond movie franchise) world.

This is a great relief, though, when you think about it. No series of movies has ever consisted of so many major motion pictures, each with its own unique awesome scenes and storyline. My personal favorite is Tomorrow Never Dies. Let me give you a short summary of the movie and my favorite scenes. So, the movie starts with James Bond destroying an entire terrorist arms market base using planted charges, along with a jet fighter (it’s actually a Czechoslovakian late cold war L-39 light fighter/trainer: yes, I actually looked it up) utilizing the plane’s unguided rocket pods and cannon, and then eventually taking off and engaging another L-39, while, behind him, a cruise missile from a British missile cruiser wrecks the base in a massive explosion. Best opening ever. Then, a stealth ship engages and sinks the British missile cruiser using a “sea-drill” while making it look like patrolling Chinese MiGs did the job. Meanwhile, the British warship had actually been sent off course by GPS satellite system controller stolen from a secret U.S. facility. After an investigation involving an epic car chase with Bond’s BMW (which, of course, is outfitted with rockets, tire spikes, bulletproof windows and armor, and a remote control system) and diving down to the sunken British missile cruiser, 007 links up with a Chinese agent and stows away aboard the stealth ship, ending up destroying it after a fiery gunfight and the help of a British ship’s deck gun, and eliminating the criminal, news and media tycoon Elliot Carver and his henchman, the iron fisted Mr. Stamper. This is only a much abridged version of one of the James Bond movies. Hopefully, this gives a small idea of what it means to be a James Bond film.

So, now that, if you previously hadn’t seen anything apart from the past 3-4 James Bonds, you have an idea of the scale of the franchise, you can know how great is to see they’re still coming: hopefully, better than ever.

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Will James Bond Return Better Than Ever?