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Is Call of Duty Back?

By Joshua Rigsby, Editor

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Call of Duty last week revealed its new title, Call of Duty WW2. This new title brought excitement to many current and former fans. Call of Duty has been in decline for the past six years since it started to move into the future setting. Many fans were turned off by the over-reliance on killstreaks and deathstreaks. This combined with the advanced movement system introduced in Advanced Warfare, many fans felt like the developers ignored their requests to return to the classic boots on the ground gameplay. To this day, Call of Duty: World at War is still the most played Call of Duty game on PC relative to its release. Now that Call of Duty is returning to World War 2, I’m interested to see how they will make the setting new and interesting. Most of us have played more World War 2 games than we can count. Sledgehammer Games is going to have to find aspects of World War 2 that hasn’t really been touched upon to breath new life and differentiate Call of Duty WW2 from other games of the same setting. From the trailer they’ve shown, I like the human angle they’re taking and focusing on your singular unit. While I enjoy the aspect taken with your allies, I’m sad that your enemies aren’t given the same treatment. Granted, the enemies are Nazis and we’ve seen very little of them, but the only mention they get are the narrator saying how ruthless they are and a five second clip of a Nazi shooting a downed soldier. I hope as we see more the Nazis are developed more and become something other than pin cushions for your bullets. Overall, the trailer shows the game going in the right direction, and I’m hopeful for it to become a deeper game than the modern Call of Duty games.   

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Is Call of Duty Back?