Destiny 2 Review

By Joshua Rigsby, Editor

Destiny was released in September of 2014. Destiny was a game that I loved. By the end of my time with it, I had spent nearly 800 hours playing it. That game introduced me to some great people that I talk with daily and play with all the time. Now that Destiny 2 has released, I think it’s time I take a look at it and review it.

In terms of gameplay, much of Destiny one still holds true. The gunplay is still very refined and satisfying. Enemies are largely the same as those from Destiny 1, but offer some new variants of existing units. Story is where Destiny 2 really shines. The story of Destiny 2 is great. These characters that we knew in destiny 1 but really had no background on are fleshed out and become interesting and sympathetic. The only real weak link in the story is the player themselves. I appreciate the larger story focus but I wish that the character was given some sort of voice. Their lack of any sort of communication makes the character look like a confused idiot than a defender of mankind. The graphics have been improved over Destiny 1, but it has been done in a very subtle way. A new shader model along with updated models and textures make the game look the part. The PVP is fun and can become very addictive for many. Personally I am not a fan of Destiny 2’s competitive PVP as I find it quite bland. The competitive mode consists of one team arming an objective and the other team trying to defend it. I have yet to try the raid but from what I’ve heard it has a high level of quality consistent with the rest of the game.

Overall I really like Destiny 2 and would recommend it if you were a fan of Destiny 1 and I would especially recommend it if you hated Destiny 1. The game makes solid improvements upon the original formula that makes it stand out from the Destiny 1.