A Look Into the Ad Campaign

By Dominick Delaney and Alexander Pralea

Throughout the spooky month of October, Xavier High School will begin its annual Ad Campaign.  In it, Xavier students are asked to take on the responsibilities of an Ad Salesman, exploring their surrounding towns in search of adds for the school. This annual event was announced last Thursday at an assembly in which the study body offered skits and advice on how to persuade a person to buy an ad. Ms. Gagliardo, of the Office of Advancement, also spoke at the assembly, explaining the reasons why we have the Ad Campaign.

“It started about eight years ago.” she later confirmed in an interview, “It really is a crucial part of the Xavier experience.” Last year, for example, the Xavier student body responded with success, reaching the 100,00 dollar mark. This year the challenge is even tougher, based on the fact that there are less students than last year.The contributions from each student must be greater, as everyone must pull their weight in order to reach the goal. To do this, students will have to bring in more than 100 dollars apiece.

To incentivize the students to buy adds, the school offers some perks to energize the school community into attaining adds. This incentives include No Tie Tuesday, dress-down days and gift card rewards. If students achieve the goal numbers, Xavier celebrates with up to three days off.

Though these three days off will surely excite the student body, there is also a moral reason to support the ad drive. Money earned during the Ad Campaign goes directly to supporting financial assistance here at Xavier. The money truly stays in the family, strengthening the brotherhood and alleviating financial strain.

Activities like the Ad Campaign form the reasons why Xavier has such a presence in the world of Catholic education. This sense of fraternity found only at Xavier is strengthened by serving others out of a common love. That is why it is important to inform Xavier’s students on such things, so they too can strengthen the Xaverian bonds community.