Your Top Candidates for the Heisman Trophy?

By Revanth Yalamanchi, Assistant reporter

Every year the National Collegiate Athletic Association awards the year’s top college football player with the Heisman trophy, the most prestigious award they can attain. Since 1935, players have received this award created by the downtown athletic club directed by John Heisman.

This year the top insiders and reporters have narrowed it down to the top 2 candidates. The first candidate is Saquon Barkley, the running back for the Pennsylvania State University, and  the second of the two is Baker Mayfield, the quarterback from Oklahoma.

Saquon Barkley has distinguished himself by using his quick feet and big body to power through and dart by an entire teams defense like a breeze. The are many good reasons why he is putting up 649 rushing yards, 395 receiving yards, and 8 touchdowns on his record only halfway through the season, such as his 4.33, 40 yard dash time, benching of 390 pounds, and power squatting of 495 pounds.

Averaging almost 2900 passing yards a season, quarterback for Oklahoma Baker Mayfield is no slouch. He is good with his feet too, as he runs about 218 yards every season. In addition, Baker Mayfield has put up an impressive 1635 passing yards, 15 touchdowns and all without a single interception. To put that into perspective, this year Tom Brady has passed roughly the same amount of yards, having been intercepted just once and having made 11 touchdowns.

Later this year we will find out who really is this year’s best in collegiate football. Within the past four years, Jameis Winston in 2013, Marcus Mariota in 2014, Derrick Henry in 2015, and Lamar Jackson in 2016 have all received the prestigious medal. Of the four, only Lamar Jackson is not playing for the NFL; Marcus Mariota and Derrick Henry play for the Tennesse Titans, and Jameis Winston plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On December 9th of this year, the victor of this prize will be decided.