Trump: A Secret Democrat?


By Eric Myskowski, Senior Reporter

Breaking News: A report just released this morning from Trump’s former campaign advisor Paul Manafort shows Donald Trump is a secret Democrat and was trying to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 Election

On what should have been ne of the happiest moments of his life, election night, Donald Trump was actually in utter distress and disbelief. Why, because he secretly wanted and helped Hillary Clinton to win. When he just started becoming popular, he thought the message he was carrying would not be popular and underestimated its effect on his voters. He tried to fracture the Republican party and make a message he though no one would like and therefore cause Hillary Clinton to win easily. But actually, he appealed to huge base and more or less united the Republican Party around himself, easily winning the presidency.

The report first details Donald Trump’s support of Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election. He said that ““Hillary is smart, tough and a very nice person, so is her husband. Bill Clinton was a great president. They are fine people.” It shows he even donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation and other undisclosed amounts to her campaigns. This clearly shows Donald Trump’s respect for Hillary Clinton.

In the 2016 election though, Donald Trump more than respected her, he wanted her to win. The report shows that his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again (MAGA), was Clinton’s second choice slogan in 2008, with it only losing out to the more subdued “Solutions for America.” He also kept copying her speaking style. In all of her 2008 speeches, Hillary Clinton kept using the word “great”, and the report details that every time Trump emphasized the word “great” in his campaign speeches, he was actually affirming his support for her. The report finally details through recorded conversations from Trump and his then campaign advisor Paul Manafort, that the chant “lock her up”, did not mean what the public thought it meant in that he wanted Hillary Clinton to go to prison over her email scandal, but that he wanted her to lock up her chances at the presidency in he wanted her to be the clear winner.

The report does not stop there, however. It details that Hillary Clinton secrety owned a substantial number of shares in Peabody Energy, the top coal mining company, through an account owned by her friend Nicole Johnson. Hillary Clinton donated through her to the now defunct Trump foundation in return for Trump’s support of the coal industry. The plan was with Trump’s support for the industry, the stock prices of Peabody Energy would go up substantially, but with Hillary Clinton’s secret knowledge of Trump’s agreement with her, that she would sell all of her shares right before election day. She would profit off of this sale and then while she would be president, she would then continue president Obama’s approach of support for renewable energy instead. They had one other backroom deal that this report exposed. Due to the public’s suspicion of Trump’s business dealings with Russia, Trump decided to secretly leak the information about the now infamous Trump Tower meeting that took place in June of 2016. Instead of making dealings supporting the Trump campaign, they used this cover to make deals that funneled millions of dollars to the Change Now PAC, a PAC that aired television ads for Clinton across the country. The top Russians noted in the act are oligarchs Aleksey Mordashov and Vladimir Lisin, two of the wealthiest Russian citizens, both worth around 20 billion dollars.

Even after Trump’s election, the report details how he has still been helping her out. In the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the tax plan passed in December of 2017, Hillary Clinton has received many breaks. Even though it tended to hurt citizens of New York since they pay a great deal of state and local taxes and this deduction was eliminated, it managed to spare Hillary Clinton. It gives a list of other deductions to citizens who live in Chappaqua, New York, Clinton’s hometown, hidden in complicated language that never even mentions its name. The most interesting event that this report details though are that Trump was originally intending to leak the payments made by his then-attorney Michael Cohen to adult film star Stormy Daniels himself. Trump made these payments and was planning to leak them to make him look less credible right before election day to cause voters to switch to Hillary Clinton. At the time though, he was so confident in her two-point lead over him in the polls that he decided to not leak them to save his character, thinking that he would lose the election anyway.

 By now, it is not necessary to go into details about the other parts of the report like that Hillary Clinton secretly owns twenty-five percent of twitter and that Trump actually dated Hillary Clinton for seven years, because it is already clear that Trump was actually a Democrat secretly supporting Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.