Who Done It?: A Review of Clue

By Justin Caulfield, Assistant Reporter

Clue on Stage is an interesting and intriguing play made by the Mercy and Xavier High School Drama Club, based on the Paramount movie from 1985. The play includes the iconic characters from the board game that is known to many generations of fans: Ms. Scarlet (Abigail Malczon), Prof. Plum (William Lallier), Ms. Peacock (Amanda Greco), Ms. White (Lila Pytel), Mr. Green (Bennet Pancoast), Colonel Mustard (Lochlan Reeder). In addition, there are eleven other characters, most of them who appeared in the movie.

The first showing was held at the Mercy High School auditorium on Friday, November 15, at 7 P.M. The plot is set up by Wadsworth (Aiden Cardozo) who introduces everyone who has been called to Mr. Boddy’s house for mysterious reasons. It soon becomes clear that each character has something to hide, and for that reason, they are being blackmailed by Mr. Boddy. Almost immediately, the murders start as Mr. Boddy is thought to be dead soon after arriving. He is followed by the cook (Ivania Quintuna), and Yvette (Hannah DeFilippo). As the lights go off and back on, another body is found, and it is not clear who the murderer was in each case.

Even amid so much death, there were many lighthearted and humorous moments. For example, Ms. White says there is life after death, because after her husband was murdered, she felt more alive. A prolonged humorous scene was when Wadsworth recapped all the murders and events as all the characters ran from room to room with various surprised expressions and remarks of horror or laughter. After this summing up, it’s still not clear who the murderer, or murderers are. So Wadsworth breaks the fourth wall and asks the audience to solve the mystery in the familiar format of, who did it, with what weapon, in what room. After a few guesses form the audience, the plot is revealed. Wadsworth reveals himself to be the real Mr. Boddy, saying who they thought was Mr. Boddy, was really Wadsworth, who was killed earlier. At this point, the audience could be forgiven if they were somewhat confused as each of the major characters was discovered to have committed a murder.

The play ends on a positive note when Mr. Green reveals himself to be an undercover FBI agent who was posing as Mr. Green. He then shot the real Mr. Boddy in self-defense. Then other agents come to round up the murderers so that justice will be done.

It was an enjoyable evening with excellent acting. Both Mercy and Xavier should be proud of their performance.