Colter Abely: An Inspiring Team Player


By Justin Caulfield, Assistant Reporter

On January 18, Xavier sponsored the Colter Abely Wrestling Tournament. Six out of the top ten teams in Connecticut attended, but that did not stop the Xavier team from claiming the victory. The tournament is a very important part of sport, but some people may ask how it started, and who Colter Abely is. Those questions will soon be answered with information provided by the wrestling coach, Mr. Cunningham.

Colter Abely was a student at Xavier High School and a valued member of the wrestling team. On top of being a good wrestler, Colter was an even better team player. He wanted to ensure the success of his teammates and he clearly valued the success of the team over his own personal gain. His ability to help others improve was certainly evident during his time at Xavier.

Colter graduated Xavier in 2010. Unfortunately, in 2012, a car accident led to his untimely demise. However, his memory did not die with him. The Abely family donated the entirety of the weight room equipment to the school that same year. If one takes the time to observe the entrance to the room, they will find a plaque in the family’s honor.

However, the weight room equipment is not the only thing by which Colter is remembered. Each year, one wrestler receives a $1000 scholarship in honor of Colter Abely. But that is just the start. In 2015, an annual winter wrestling tournament was started, and an annual golf tournament would be held in the spring. But one of the most important forms in which Colter Abely is immortalized is in the Colter Abely Team Man Award. This award is to the wrestler who values the success and improvement of the team over his own gain, just like Colter Abely himself.