Kung Fu Fandas

The First SAC Event


By Nucci Delaney, Senior Reporter

On Saturday, Sept. 28, Xavier High School experienced a phenomena like no other. Hundreds of students, faculty, and friends packed the senior lot on a night like no other. Their purpose, no less, to view a 2008 animated classic.

In the film KUNG FU PANDA, Po, voiced by Jack Black, secretly dreams of becoming a kung fu legend. So too did this year’s SAC  Team dream of hosting a legendary school event. Do dreams come true on Randolph Road? Well, is Po really the Dragon Warrior?

Yes and yes! What began as a humble movie night held indoors every fall transformed into the ultimate Saturday night-out for hundreds of Xavier and Mercy students. Without any competition from fall festivals, concerts, or the Durham Fair, teenagers were looking for a fun yet safe and socially distanced event.

Just as Po seeks guidance from Master Shifu, the senior board members of SAC trained with moderator Mrs. Braychak. They ran an advertising campaign, planned and shopped for concessions and when the sun began to set on September 26th, they hoped they too would fulfill the SAC prophecy and host a successful event. As car after car of Kung Fu FANdas arrived, the SAC teams from Mercy and Xavier got to work running the snack stations and maintaining social distancing order.

This year’s first SAC event will hopefully set a precedent for a high spirited year of participation and fun. Plans are currently underway to return to the Valley of Peace for the sequel. Special thanks to all of the Xavier and Mercy faculty and administrators who came out to support this event!