Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Peterson


By Nucci Delaney, Senior Reporter

With Xavier back in session this 2020 academic year, a number of retirements left the faculty with some holes to fill. Of the retirements, Mr. Magner’s hit especially close to home, as he had just instructed me in Driver’s Ed only a year prior. Ms. Peterson arrived on the scene to fill Mr. Magner’s vacancy, ready to fill the biggest of shoes. She shared her thoughts with me about filling such big shoes.

Have you ever worked in guidance before? Yes, I worked at Staples in Westport before coming to Xavier. I was a counselor.

What led you to counseling? I love working with this age group, and the challenges that come with it.

How do you like Xavier? I love it. I graduated from Mercy, and I just love the community. I totally agree, the brotherhood aspect is why I came here. Yeah, exactly. Its very welcoming.

What’s been a challenge? Honestly, the worst part is the masks. Its so hard to tell jokes. I feel that, I can’t just rely on my dimples anymore.

Where have you lived? So I grew up in Wethersfield, and I live in Milford now. I went from Philadelphia to New Haven to New York to Glastonbury before settling.

Where did you study? I went to La Salle for my first year of undergrad, that’s actually why I was in Philadelphia. I graduated from Southern, and got my masters from Central. I went from studying Communication Disorders to Counseling. I realized that my favorite parts of Communication Disorders was the actual counseling; that’s what drew me to that major in the first place.

What are some hobbies? I love hiking, running, any type of working out. I also do love to doodle.

Ok fine, I’ll ask. What’s with the toys? Oh, on the desk? These are fidgets, I’ve found its much easier to talk when you’re playing with something. Just something to do with your hands.

To conclude, I’d like to quote one of the many inspirational posters that run the walls of her office. Derek Jeter once said, “There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” This quote sums up a theme of a Xavierian education, doting on the values of Humility and Zeal. Without being cognizant of the Xaverian lens with which I just put that quote through, Ms. Peterson already embodies such strong Xavierian values. Acting as a spokesperson for the Kestrel, and the school body, she fits in perfectly here.

*Many of these answers were shortened significantly. I dare say Nucci with the News often got off-topic in the duration of this conversation.