Business in the Capitol: What Does the School Think?

U.S. Capitol Building

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U.S. Capitol Building

By Justin Caulfield, Senior Reporter

As of late, there has been a lot of commotion in the United States Capital. The storming of the capitol on January 6 has been the most notable. But as of January 13, Donald Trump has been impeached, making him the first U.S. president to be impeached twice in his term. Talk of these events has spread around the classrooms like wildfire and has been the focus of many conversations within the school. Very few students had opinions to share it came to this topic, but the students that did have opinions had a lot to say. If you would like to have your opinion featured in articles like this and make your voice heard, email Senior Reporter Justin Caulfield at [email protected].

I am surprised at how, I suppose, stupid some people are,” says sophomore Zach Bulkovich. “The people storming the capitol were fueled by overexaggerated or even blatantly false information. I think it is a concerning time, and I think it is scary that people believe what they just hear before fact checking anything. It’s blind obedience and that can be a dangerous thing.” Zach went on to describe what he thought about the impeachment of Donald Trump. “I, personally, think an impeachment of our current president is long overdue. He has not been a leader, but divided and incited violence.” Zach ended with a final thought saying, “He treated the presidency as another ego trip.”

Sophomore Aidan Fenton had a few short words. “This nation is at a very low point right now, and I believe Donald Trump is to blame.”

Freshman Trey Barbieri shared his thoughts, “I think what the stormers did was very wrong.” He finished by saying,  “I also think President’s Trump’s impeachment was justified, and that he should be found guilty at his upcoming trial.”

“I really don’t think anyone should be surprised about what happened last week with the storming of the capitol,” said sophomore Kyle Quartuccio. “There are mountains of evidence that point to the fact that Trump has both supported and encouraged it, and this is also following months of him denying his own failure to win re-election.” Kyle continued his opinion saying, “To me, the most entertaining part about this whole event is how other countries have reacted, with many of the countries opposed to the US, certainly having a laugh over how much of a complete failure this looks for America. No matter who is right in this case, the most concerning part about last week’s event to me is how this proves to be a complete double standard for the US. While America has put millions and millions of dollars into supporting ‘democracy’ around the world, the fact that not only some people, but even the government can’t fully commit to a peaceful transition of power, should be concerning to many people.” Kyle ended his insightful statement saying, “I think this should go to show that before the US waves its infamous ‘big stick’ around the world and tells other countries how to manage their internal affairs, the US ought to look at itself to be a suitable model first. When even authoritarian dictators are talking about how weak American democracy has become, one must wonder just how fragile and stagnant this country’s system has become.”

Sophomore Joe Chiaramonte had a short comment on the storming of the capitol, “I do not have much to say about the riot other than to say that it was not the right thing to do. As with other events in recent time, there is no problem with a peaceful protest or rally in support of a cause or candidate, however when violence is involved it becomes a different situation completely.” Joe had more to say about Trump’s impeachment, “The second impeachment of the President was a statement. It had no real meaning compared to the first. The only reason that many politicians decided to impeach President Trump was to ensure that he would go down as the only president to be impeached twice. After all, the second set of the articles of impeachment was written within a number of days prior to President-elect Biden’s inauguration and President Trump’s final day in office which would allow no time for a trial or a punishment that would be relevant as President Trump would no longer be in office.”

It has become clear that the student body strongly detests the storming of the capitol. Strong thoughts are shared when it comes to Trump’s second impeachment, with some students thinking that Trump had it coming and others thinking it was an attempt to paint Trump in a bad light. As of January 20, the new administration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris has been implemented and Donald Trump has wished them success and good luck.