2021 New York Mets Preview


By Jack Roy , Assistant Reporter

If you watch Major League Baseball, you can acknowledge the fact that the New York Mets have been average at best over the past few seasons. Since losing to the San Francisco Giants in the Wild Card round in 2016, they haven’t been able to punch a ticket to the postseason. Howeverthe Mets have loads of potential right now, and 2021 could the year where the Amazin’s turn things around and possibly bring a Commissioner’s trophy back to Queens.  

Over the offseason, the Mets endured a change in ownership as Steve Cohen, a billionaire hedge fund manager, purchased the team from Sterling Equities for 2.4 Billion Dollars. Since his purchase of the team in early November 2020, Cohen has addressed many team issues and has made a noticeable positive impact on the team. His most notable move in his currently short tenure as the Met’s owner was making a blockbuster trade with the Cleveland Indians, bringing superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor and the Starting Pitcher Carlos Carrasco to Queens. With Cohen going out getting all these players, the next question many Mets fans have now is how these new pieces will fit into the puzzle that is the Mets 2021 season. 

In this past shortened sixty game season, the Mets have shown a dire need for consistent, quality starting pitching. Besides Jacob DeGrom who had another spectacular season last year finishing in the top ten among all pitchers in the MLB in Strikeouts (2nd) and in E.R.A (7th), and David Peterson, who turned in a solid 3.44 ERA and led the team in Pitching wins in 2020 campaign, the Mets really don’t have any other pitchers in the starting rotation who have been consistent performers. With the new addition of Carlos Carrasco to the team, who finished in the top twenty pitchers in all the MLB in ERA (14th), Strikeouts (Tied for 15th), and WHIP (15th) last seasonexpect the Mets ailing starting rotation to be bolstered significantly 

Even with the disappointment felt throughout the Mets’ 2020 season, during which the team finished Second to last in the N.L. East with a record of 26-34, the season did bring some successes for the club, as they finished first in all Major league baseball in team batting average (.272) Now with the Mets’ acquisition of Francisco Lindor, who over his impressive career has hit for a cumulative batting average of .285 and has averaged 23 home runs, 68 runs batted in, and 16 stolen bases a season, this already highly productive New York Mets offense just got a whole lot better. This acquisition is practically gasoline on the fire which is the Mets’ offense.   

Overall, I think the long-awaited, upcoming 2021 season for the New York Mets will be a very successful and memorable season and will mark the beginning of a very successful era for the “Amazin’s. Look for the Mets to be a dominant force in 2021 and a consistent postseason caliber team in the years to come. They are a young, talented, and motivated team that now has an owner willing to go out and address team needs when needed and not just let things happen around him like the owners before him have done. The Mets will not only be a force in this upcoming season but will for sure be a force in the N.L. East in the years to come.