The Administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: What Does the School Think?


By Justin Caulfield, Senior Reporter

The new administration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris officially started on January 20, 2021. While the administration has been in place for a a short time, the students of Xavier have formed their opinions on the matter. If you would like to have your opinion featured in articles like this and make your voice heard, email Senior Reporter Justin Caulfield at [email protected].

Sophomore Tristan Shemmerling had thoughts pertaining to how the pandemic is being handled. “I think that the Biden administration is doing a very good job with handling the corona virus. I think that it is clear that the percentage of infection has gone down dramatically and the country is starting to build back up. However, this is not the time to get loose and forget about all of our precautions that we have set in place. Even with the virus going down, we must stay safe and wear our masks.”

Freshman Jacob Fagan expressed his confidence in the administration by saying, “They have been handling the Covid-19 pandemic with patience and firm coordination.”

“The first priority of his [Joe Biden], it seems, is rebuilding all the ties that Trump seemingly ruined in the world,” said sophomore Kyle Quartuccio, “such as the relationship with NATO countries that was at the expense of his ‘America First’ policy. I generally disapprove of what I think Biden is planning on doing for foreign policy, because like most American presidents, it’s very focused on judging internal affairs of other countries. While I understand how unfortunate some events are, it genuinely helps no one that the U.S. involves itself in everything that happens in the world, not only because it has a horrible record of making things worse, but because it gives other countries a pass in judging out internal affairs as well. I hope Biden doesn’t make the same mistake as other presidents, giving our own allies a pass in the things we criticize other countries for, and trying to stop other countries from doing things their own way and aligning with their own interests. I have never been hopeful for American presidents, and I am still not hopeful now.”

A student who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “I like that they’re focusing mostly on the Corona virus and relief for that. I think that’s really what they should continue to do and not focus on anything going on with conviction of Trump or anything like that.”

“I guess he’s our president,” said junior Grayden Iannello. “Biden’s not going to last and Harris is going to take over.”

Junior Jake Oliva made a brief statement saying, “I think they’re better than Trump, but they’re still kind of cringe.”

Freshman Grady Vogt stated, “I mean he’s made a lot of decisions very quickly, it kind of scares me. You could also say he’s just prepared.”

Sophomore Robert Maximillian Quan stated, “I think it’s a bit early. I’m interested in seeing what they’re going to do in the future.”

Sophomore Evan Perrone-Gray had relative indifference saying, “I personally don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Not because I necessarily like them any more or less, I just don’t care.”

A student who wishes to remain anonymous expressed his opinion. “I’ve heard bad stuff, but that’s probably because this school is probably predominately a Trump school. Everybody likes Trump here. I’m not really paying attention to that.”

“The only thing I would say is that he [Joe Biden] is falling back on the many promises he made,” said a student who wishes to remain anonymous. “One of those being deportation. He said there is going to be no deporting in the first hundred days of his administration, and within the first twenty nine days there is over twenty six thousand people deported. They said they were going to be getting rid of cages and that just simply did not happen. He is falling back on many of the promises he made already, within the first month of his administration.”

A student who wishes to remain anonymous stated his disapproval. “Honestly I don’t agree with what they’re doing right now in terms of how they’re handling jobs and job creation because they’re getting rid of the pipelines and things that are creating jobs and keeping gas prices down. That’s one thing I don’t agree with.”

Sophomore Stephen Schulz stated his opinion, “He made all of our gas go up.” He finished by simply saying, “Absolute disgrace.”

A student who wishes to remain anonymous stated disagreement. “Basically I don’t agree with how he [Joe Biden] during Trump’s presidency liked to talk down on him [Donald Trump] about his work with Covid and all the plans that he had, but when he [Joe Biden] got into office he didn’t come through with any new plans and he’s been really lacking on the Covid protocols.”

Junior Nick Cusano started off his response by saying, “I liked the Trump administration better.” Nick continued his statement, “I think the Biden administration cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline is already losing thousands of jobs. I think that’s hurting the common American middle class.” Nick finished his statement by expressing a concern. “I also think, because we are a Catholic school, the abortion on demand is something our school should be aware of. I think, for pro-life people, that’s a little nerve-racking.”

It’s clear to see that there are many opinions about the new administration. Many students approve of the administration. However, there is still a large number of students who disapprove of the administration, stating the reasons for their opinions. Most of the students who were indifferent look to the future with optimism while others look with skepticism. Despite all this, one thing is for sure. The administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be in power for the next four years, and only time will tell what path it will take.