That’s No Moon, That’s a Space Station

Thats No Moon, Thats a Space Station

By Ethan Gernhardt

Through thorough experimentation and years of dedicated research, scientists were able to prove that the moon is not made from cheese. This common belief was originally theorized by 16th century writer, John Heywood. After his theory that the moon was made from cheese was widely accepted, modern philosophers tried to counter this belief by saying that the moon cannot be made of cheese because no other planet is, but they were discredited. However, they were in fact right, after it has been proven that the moon was not made of cheese after Elon Musk ordered and ate a piece of the moon thanks to Space Prime, brought to you by Jeff Bezos’s new interstellar shipping industry. After the discovery that the moon was not made out of cheese, Elon Musk focused his team of scientists to find out what the moon really is. The Results are shocking. 


After research and finding evidence to back it up, it is proven that the moon is in fact an alien space station and was the inspiration for the Death Star in the Star Wars movie franchise. These aliens have had a presence in the history of the world and can explain certain questions about the moon.  

The space station was responsible for very historical and influential events, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs, which was a result of a construction malfunction when the spa section of the moon became detached and crashed towards earth. Due to no alien wanting to take the blame and get punished for negligence in construction it took a couple of megannuss’ for them to compensate for the damages. They compensated by building the pyramids and teaching scientific masterminds about new theories and equations, some of these scientists include Newton, DaVinci, Einstein, and Pythagoras.  

With this new discovery, aliens have partnered with companies making the moon the new best travel destination, with only a fee of $1 billion. New companies such as Moontel, the primary hotel service on the moon, have made it possible to explore local extra-terrestrial sites, cuisine, and get away from your mother-in-law. Order your ticket now and get 0.000001% off. 



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