The Students Perspective: Was Lino’s at Xavier Over-Hyped?


By Max Quan, Assistant Reporter

Along with the promise of the alleged meat grinder, the students of Xavier High School were met with huge changes for the 2022-2023 school year. The school’s cafeteria fell under new management: Lino’s. The students were promised that food would be spectacular, a huge upgrade from the previous cafeteria; but were the expectations that the students had developed fulfillable? Had Lino’s at Xavier become over hyped?

The students at Xavier voluntarily took a survey that was sent to their emails to determine how the students felt about Lino’s. Did they like the food? Did they think the price was fair?

According to the survey, it seemed that the most popular food items were chicken tenders and the rice bowl, but there were many varied favorites. The least favorite items however were the fries and the mac and cheese. When asked about changes the students would want to make, a small but noticeable portion believed that the fries were simply too salty. However, on a scale of 1 to 10, the students gave a high rating of 8.10 for the quality and deliciousness of the food they were served. It appears that the food is pretty good, and it has lived up to expectations.

But then there is price. The tastiness of the food was talked about by the Xavier faculty, but looking back, price was not talked about much. Maybe it is because of the increases in price from the 2021-2022 year’s cafeteria. The student gave Lino’s a 6.99 out of 10 when asked about the pricing of the food. Ten was incredibly over priced, and 1 was incredibly under priced. From the rating, it seems that the students think the food is a bit overpriced, but they do not believe it is that bad. However, the number one change that students would want implemented in Lino’s was the price. Many want the price lowered. Some students find it a little bit hard to stomach a ten dollar meal every day, but is this avoidable? Lino’s is a business and they need to turn a profit. The prices are high compared to last year’s food prices, but the price of food has increased 9% or 10% the last year according to Are price’s adjustable on specific food items but not others? Maybe portions can be smaller to make lower the price.

So, did Lino’s live up to the student’s expectations overall? The answer would be yes. Out of 144 individual responses from students, 140 said that Lino’s had lived up to their expectations. When asked why, besides that the food was good, multiple students appreciated the variety that Lino’s offered everyday. Some changes that a few students would like to see would be a more efficient line system, and they would like quality of food to be increased for those in 3rd lunch. The food does tend to get cold around 3rd lunch, and sometimes different items run out. However the most important change comes from one student who demanded that cookies be brought to one dollar because “its annoying if I don’t have a quarter on me.” Despite this urgent concern that should be addressed immediately, it seems that Lino’s has burst on the cafeteria scene successfully winning the hearts of many Xavier students with their delicious food.