Top 10 Starting Quarterbacks of 2022


By Ryan Garrett, Assistant Sports Writer

Week 11 just ended and many quarterbacks have either proven themselves as good or bad. Some notable quarterbacks have excelled on bad teams(Fields), with some failing to help their team(Either Wilson).
Here are my top ten:
1. Patrick Mahomes 66.3% cmp 28 tds 7 int
We have a new GOAT, people. He led his team to the Super Bowl twice and looks like he may do it again this year.

2. Josh Allen 64.7% cmp 21 tds 10 ints
The last couple games have been rough, but he still has it.

3. Tua Tagovailoa 71.0% cmp 18 tds 3 ints
He is undefeated when he is fully healthy.

4. Geno Smith 72.8% cmp 17 tds 4 ints
You can’t have the best completion percentage in the NFL and not make top 5.

5. Jalen Hurts 68.3% cmp 15 tds 3 ints
He almost lost two games this season, but saved the Eagles at the last minute against the Colts.

6. Tom Brady 66% cmp 12 tds 2 ints
He is definitely on the decline and should definitely retire after this year.

7. Lamar Jackson 63.4% cmp 16 tds 7 ints
He has carried the Ravens with his performance.

8. Justin Fields 59.6% cmp 13 tds 8 ints
He has been an average passer, but has broke the record for rushing yards multiple games, proving himself as a starter in my book.

9. Joe Burrow 69.1% cmp 22 tds 8 ints
What can I say? He’s Joe Cool.

10. Justin Herbert 66.6% cmp 16 tds 7 ints
Also playing average this year, Herbert has not played to the level he did last year.