NFL Week 13 Recap


By Ryan Garrett, Assistant Sports Reporter

Week 13 was widely regarded as one of the most anticipated weeks of the season. Deshaun Watson came back from his suspension to play against his former team, the Chiefs got a rematch against the Bengals, and Aaron Rodgers would try to keep owning the Bears. Here are my top three games:

Kansas City Chiefs @ Cincinnati Bengals

This game was the highly anticipated rematch of last years AFC conference championship that brought the Bengals to the Super Bowl. The Chiefs were the top seed in the conference, while the Bengals weren’t even winning their division, but they managed to stop Mahomes from winning. Burrow threw 286 yards for two touchdowns and a completion percentage of 80.6.

Washington Commanders @ New York Giants

This game was probably not marked on many people’s calendars at the beginning of the season, but as both teams are fighting for the playoffs, this game could have decided the playoff picture. The Commanders scored a fourth quarter touchdown to tie the game and go to overtime. It looked like the Giants would win by a field goal, but they missed it, causing the game to tie. After this game, it looks like the NFC East may be the first division to ever fully make the playoffs.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

This game was nerve-racking for many Packers fans. If Rodgers lost to the Bears, his ownership would be rescinded and his reputation would be destroyed. If the Packers won, then they would have the most wins of all time in the NFL. The stakes were high, and rookie wide receiver Christian Watson  performed, scoring the game winning touchdown. While the Packers still probably won’t make playoffs, at least they beat the Bears.

Here are my top ten teams:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles 11-1
  2. Kansas City Chiefs 9-3
  3. Buffalo Bills 9-3
  4. Minnesota Vikings 10-2
  5. Cincinnati Bengals 8-4
  6. San Francisco 49ers 8-4
  7. Miami Dolphins 8-4
  8. Washington Commanders 7-5-1
  9. New York Giants 7-4-1
  10. Baltimore Ravens 8-4