NFL Division Playoff Preview


By Ryan Garrett, Assistant Sports Writer

The stage is set for what could be the most exciting divisional round of all time. After what was by far the worst season of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers’ career, the new quarterbacks are here. Mahomes, Allen, Lawrence, and rookie Brock Purdy are among the quarterbacks still in the playoffs, which gives hope to the futures of those teams. Here are my picks for each game, ranked by watchability.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Kansas City Chiefs

Hey, maybe Trevor Lawrence will get another waffle night on Saturday. The Chiefs are obviously the favorites and have the better team overall, but the Jags are grittier in my opinion. They will probably keep it close, but be too far behind to beat the Chiefs.

Pick: Chiefs 30-21

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles

While the G-Men completely killed Cousins and the Vikings, they already lost twice to the Eagles this year. If this wasn’t a division match, I wouldn’t be worried for the Eagles, but I am still expecting this to be a surprisingly close game. However, the Eagles have Jalen Hurts and I’d bet on him over Daniel Jones any day.

Pick: Eagles 24-23

Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers

The only bad thing I can say about the 49ers is the best thing I can say about them too: rookie quarterback Brock Purdy. On the bad side, he’s a rookie and his luck is bound to run out eventually. On the good side, he’s undefeated and seems to be unstoppable. On the Cowboys side, Dak is coming off of a complete massacre of the preseason favorites, Tampa Bay. Both teams seem unstoppable, but Dallas still has too many weaknesses, starting with the aforementioned Dak Prescott.

Pick: 49ers 30-27

Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills

This is going to be the most emotional game of the season, as it is the exact same game as when Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed and suffered from cardiac arrest. Both teams underperformed against secondary quarterbacks in the wild card round, but both are expected to be at their best this weekend. I’m going to have to give it to the Bills as they have the motivation of Damar behind them.

Pick Bills 17-14