How To Be A Good Citizen In The Year 1984


By Nicholas Feola

    In these trying times, it seems to be harder and harder every day to follow what Big Brother wants us to become and achieve. Straight from the Ministry of Truth, this article is designed to help you be the best citizen of Oceania, in the year 1984.  

    The most important value to follow, of course, is loyalty. No matter if you’re a member of the inner party, or of the proles, this rule applies to all our citizens. Loyalty is important because it shows the respect that you have for the Party, and the glorious nation that you live in. Long ago, before the time of when our Party was in power, humanity lived under the oppressive rule of capitalism. Remember, those who came before us sacrificed their entire lives to get us to where we are today. And you being disloyal is practically spitting in the face of our founders. 

    Loyalty can also be defined as putting Ingsoc before all else. Remember: it’s a virtue to prioritize your government, your livelihood, over your closest comrades and family-members. If you hear any of your comrades disrespect Big Brother, or our way of life, you are authorized to immediately report this grave malfeasance to the Thought Police.  

    Another terrific value to have ignorance. Now, ignorance may seem like a negative trait, but you can rest assured that Big Brother wants you not to question your surroundings. If your comrade, one day, is never seen or heard from again, and no record of them is found in any records or documents, it’s because Big Brother wants it that way. Do not question the disappearance of another citizen.  

    Finally, an excellent value to have in the year 1984 is subservience. Subservience is the perfect value, as it encompasses both loyalty and ignorance. Subservience is the main value of a true model citizen. It encompasses both of the values listed above. If you are looking for the greatest way to improve your life, start by living as subserviently as possible. 

    You are the bedrock of Oceania, and with the following of this article, you will propel Oceania forward as the strongest nation on the planet. Oceania is your home, and our success as a nation is inevitable, and our nation can either succeed with you, or without you, and as always, remember war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.