Aidan Higgins is a Junior at Xavier High School and Editor-in-Chief of the Kestrel. He also participates in Philosophy Club, Recycling Club, Surfrider Foundation Xavier High School Club, Ping Ping Club, and Ryken Service Society.

Aidan does not have free time. If he ever finds himself engaging in fun or relaxation, he immediately gives himself lashes as punishment. He is a disciplined ascetic and a Quaker who rejects all forms of modern technology; even this staff profile was written on parchment and sent to the Kestrel's headquarters via horse and carriage.

When he must attend school, Aidan does so in full drag, high heels and mascara included. Aidan can typically be found in the weight room squatting one of the football team's offensive linemen. However, this description may not be particularly useful because most of the people in the weight room are drag queens anyway.

Aidan lives in a small town called Rockfall and hopes to be a valuable asset to the Kestrel this year. He plans on publishing 10 articles, primarily focused on satire, sociopolitical criticism, and ethics.

Aidan Higgins, Editor-in-Chief

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Aidan Higgins