Xavier: A Terrible Place Where Success is Redefined

With a satirical spin on Xavier High School, contributing writer Alex Ratti explains how Xavier is actually setting students up for failure


By Alex Ratti, Contributing Writer

High school is intended to be an students to relax by letting them fall asleep and take in the experience of being a part of a fine establishment. It is also meant for telling students that failing multiple classes is not a bad thing and losing every sports game by a lot is acceptable. Xavier High School does not follow any of these requirements, therefore, it does not meet the criteria for its advertisement as a prestigious school.

The first example of this failure is the fact that Xavier does not let kids fail. At school, all of the kids pay attention in class, take notes, and get involved in daily lessons. Kids are supposed to ignore the teacher while talking in the back of the room, but instead at Xavier they’re taking notes while they should be making spitballs out of them. Xavier High School never lets their students do any of this, instead they correct the students by giving them detention, and by actually upholding the rules. At schools, students should be able to get away with cheating, stealing, and even skipping classes. At Xavier, there are cameras placed all around the school watching those students to make sure that none of these things happen. What kind of fun is that? Isn’t that the point of high school? Xavier takes away all of the fun that students should have and makes it a place of learning, unlike at most schools where students are forced to have fun.

Secondly, the sports teams at Xavier High School are terrible. Every year, the football, baseball and basketball teams win more than they lose. In present society, this is unacceptable because in order for the students to grow and prosper, they need to experience what losing feels like. At Xavier, they always win, so none of the students are able to have that learning experience that is needed to grow as an athlete. At some other schools, sports teams have the pleasure of never winning a game all season. How do you think they feel when they cannot play in the state playoffs? Xavier crushes the hearts of these schools by always winning and advancing far into the state playoffs while simultaneous not setting their students up for success by never allowing them to fail.

Thirdly, at Xavier High School, there are no girls. This is an outrage! Now during class, kids will have to focus on what the teacher is watching instead of worrying about who the most attractive girl in class is wearing. High school is all about growing as a human and ogling at women is a part of a young man’s life that should be fulfilled in high school. Xavier takes away all of the things that we need in order to make our high school experiences beneficial to us.

Xavier High School is one of the worst high schools in the state because the students pay attention in class, they always win in sports, and there are no girls. They are an embarrassment to all of the schools who allow their students to fail miserably and have a low percentage of people going to college. Don’t send your kid to Xavier if you want him to have a successful high school career.