Aidan Pesce, Assistant Editor

Currently a senior at Xavier High School, Aidan "Fish" Pesce is a member of all the coolest sports and clubs offered at Xavier. He is a programmer on the robotics team, but oftentimes he is distracted by the whole team bowing down to him in hope that he will take pity and befriend them before PesceTech, his company-in-progress, makes him trillions. He is a member of the indoor track team, and Usain Bolt comes to him for advice since Pesce easily crushed his world records. Pesce, a pro sailor, actually learned the best tricks from Christopher Columbus. In fact, for his first PesceTech project, Aidan created a time machine, and he decided it would be beneficial to learn the art of the sea from the man who discovered the Americas, but unfortunately the time machine self-destructed upon his return to 2020, so he cannot show off his invention. As busy as Pesce is with sports and inventing, Pesce is also a writer for the best newspaper in the whole galaxy, the Kestrel, and he is greatly excited to bring news to his readers.

When Pesce is not living in his mansion in the Hills or on his mega yacht, Pesce stays in the small town of Old Saybrook. Unfortunately for Pesce, being a world-class athlete does not give him much time for this fabled "free time" that everybody else seems to have, so he cannot always engage in the activities he loves like engineering and writing. However, Pesce cares little for sleep, so he will often ruin his sleep schedule in an effort to write the next bestseller or his next article. Due to his love for engineering, Pesce hopes to write many articles about new technology, but he also loves to write satire pieces.

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