A Reflection Letter on Veterans Day


By Sean O'Sullivan, Associate Reporter

Dear Reader, 

As Veterans Day has come around once again, it is necessary that we all pause in our lives just for a moment to look at all of the men and women who have sacrificed years of their lives for service to our country.  Let’s take a minute to do that now. 

First, think of any veteran you know.  They could be a family member, a friend, a teacher, or really any person that you know.  Imagine that this person is standing in front of you.  Your imagination leads you to this image of a Veteran. 

Illustrated Army general silhouette with hand gesture saluting. Vector military man. Veterans day design element. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Look at this person, look into their eyes and see all that they saw.  Think of all the things they witnessed, whether or not they fought in a war.  Think of all the friends they had.  Where are they now?  Think of all the places they’ve been, for most, places they did not want to go to.

Look at their ears.  Think of all the things they have heard.  Every order from their Commanding Officer, every word spoken by their fellow servicemen, every gunshot, explosion, crash, or scream they may have heard in their time of service.  Think of the music they listened to at night to drown out the sounds of war going on nearby, the music that allowed them to sleep as easily as we do at night.

Look at their body.  Look at every scratch or scar, every gray hair, and think of all that they went through that made those marks.  Think of what caused these scars, and how scared they must have been when they were created.

Look at their nose, think of all of the things they breathed in.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Think of all the odors they smelt when in the service, what those scents could have been.

Lastly, look at their mouth.  Think of all the things they may have said or shouted.  Think of all the things they had to tell others to ensure the safety of both themselves and others.  Think of all the food that they may have eaten, sometimes the only food available to ensure survival.  Think of the oath that they recited to become a member of the military, the oath that enabled them to fight for our freedom.

Please take a step back this Veterans Day to remind yourself of the great sacrifice the veterans have made for all of us to be able to stand up and continue to say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.  Remember to thank any veterans that you know for their service and their sacrifice.


Happy Veterans Day,

Sean O’Sullivan