The Water Fountain Problem

By Tyler Mathiasen, Assistant Reporter

March 2, 2017

  It is 6th period, the classes are switching, and you are thirsty. You sprint to the nearest water fountain, hoping you won’t be late to class. Finally, you make it to the fountain, only to find the water is warm. This scenario happens daily in the halls of Xavier High School. Why does a per...

The First Ever Pink Basketball Game

By Alexander Pralea and Laurenz Mosquito

February 14, 2017

Basketball is the latest Xavier sport to be used in raising awareness for breast cancer.

Why Being an Assistant Reporter is Terrible (About the Kestrel)

By Matt Zablocki, Assistant Reporter

January 23, 2017

       As  you  may  know,  my  position  here  at  the  Kestrel  is  still  ‘Assistant  Reporter’.  After  all  my  hard,  waiting  and  waiting  through  the  many  14-21  days  I’ve  been  a  member,  I  still  haven’t  been  promoted.  So,  I’m  stuck  with  the...

Mr. Giglio – Xavier’s New Teacher

By Alexander Pralea, Reporter

January 18, 2017

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Giglio, Xavier’s new world history and economics teacher to discover who he is. Though Mr. Marinan’s boots were tough to fill, Mr. Giglio has the credentials and experience for the position. Mr. Giglio of Wallingford is a Xavier alumnus,...

The Significance of Sophomore Saturday

The Significance of Sophomore Saturday

By Laurenz Mosquito, Reporter

November 28, 2016

An investigation into a day usually given a bad-rap.

All-American JV vs. Cool Runnings Intramural Basketball Tournament Updates LIVE!

All-American JV vs. Cool Runnings Intramural Basketball Tournament Updates LIVE!

By Joshua Rigsby, Andrew Cammisa, and Evan Rigsby

April 8, 2016

  The game just unfolded! The atmosphere of the gym was that of roaring band music and the two teams warming up. After that jaw dropping round of musical chairs, the teams hit the court once more before they play their game. The warning buzzer rung and DJ Size announced the game would ...

The Meaning of Lent

The Meaning of Lent

By Joshua Rigsby, Reporter

March 3, 2016

The true meaning of Lent.

New Music Room Hits a High Note

By Kevin Galasso, Assistant Reporter

October 22, 2015

The new music room is completed and it is a marvel. New students who had the opportunity to step into the new music room on the day of Falcon Blast, were in awe of its spaciousness.  In addition to being much larger than the previous room (the one they saw during Open House), the new room has a...

Freshman Year Madness!!

Freshman Year Madness!!

By Joshua Rigsby, Reporter

October 8, 2015

The transition to your freshman year of high school is an exciting yet intimidating experience. I was in that position last year, trying to figure out my place in the school and wondering what my mark on the freshman class would be. Those things you will figure out on your own, so don’t worry about...

Sitting down with Br. Brian

Sitting down with Br. Brian

By Jonathan Farrell, Senior Reporter

March 26, 2015

Many know Br. Brian as the headmaster of our school. We always hear him at the end of the day on Friday for the close of school announcements. He always tells us to be good and safe over the weekend, and then dismisses the juniors and seniors. Br. Brian is always around the school, saying hello to students...

A Truly Historic Teacher Feature

A Truly Historic Teacher Feature

By Andrew Cammisa, Senior Writer

January 8, 2015

Mr. King is currently a teacher at Xavier who has been teaching here for eight years and the subjects that he teaches are U.S. History, Politics, and Civics. Before coming to Xavier, he taught a fourth grade class in Nashville Tennessee and also taught at the middle school that his daughter currently...

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